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Our Borzoi Family

The Sylvan family includes show dogs, coursing dogs, obedience competitors and a multitude of cherished companions. Some of our girls added motherhood to their resumes. In the last few years, we've shared the trials and joys of breeding some litters with fellow breeders of like mind.

The links below cover many of our favorites; other individuals significant to our genetic stock can be found in "Additions" and "The Sires."

 Pekoe and the Ch litter  the S litter Chrystal's boys

the M litter
 the G litter

Nara's litter
the T litter  New Moon & the D litter Moonbeam's A litter
Chana and the F litter  the second Ch litter Zorro' s kids
the K litter  Scarlett's kids Scotty
the P litter  the second T litter Vitrina - Sylvan litter 
Medea and the L litter  Arianna's kids Amunet's first litter
the 'Leens  Nara Amunet's second litter


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