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Ch. Sylvan Wishfire JC

After racking up most of his singles from the puppy class, Dante celebrated his second birthday with a major to finish, making him the first titlist from his litter. He was handled to all his wins by his owner, Leslie Bird. Lure coursing is next on their fun agenda.

Dante's littermates include:

Sylvan Crimea River - major pointed
Sylvan Tickle The Ivory - major pointed
Sylvan Eleonora - both majors

Sylvan Kingfisher - a major to go

Ch. Sylvan Circle of Steele CGC

Sylvan Ridgeside Sunset - both majors

Sylvan The Captain at Ridgeside - sweeps winner, pointed

Sylvan Fleur-de-Lis - ballet star

Sylvan Oksana

Sylvan Queen of Siam BCAT - Queen of FastCAT

Born March 6,  2015

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