One Fast CAT

Pico spent three days in Ocala running the new AKC Fast CATs. This is a timed 100 yard dash where the dog's time is converted to mph and points accumulate to earn titles. A dog can run in two tests a day.

The first level title, BCAT, requires 150 points which Pico earned in 5 runs over 32 mph. On his last run, he broke the 6 second barrier with a 5.78 time good for the 34 mph point level. This ranks Pico as the #1Borzoi for 2016 in Fast CAT competition!

Since times are converted in half second increments and the rounded conversion chart jumps by 2, 3, and 4 mph at the shortest times, I did the real math for his fastest time and it actually worked out to a sizzling 35.388 mph for the run. Fun stuff!

Thanks to Dan and Lauren with the Gulf Coast Hound Club for safe and well run events!

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