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Déjà vu, 25 years

I got my start in the dog world in obedience training with my first Borzois, Sascha and Cheddar. They were high scoring dogs, who earned CDX titles, and qualified for and competed in the Gaines Regional, the premier national event of the day. Sascha was the Utility representative on the DOCOF team for the Dog Training Club of Tampa for two years.

The early Sylvan Champions also were trained and titled, but the last one to to do so was in 1992.

Today Pico competed in Novice B obedience, at the North Florida Fairgrounds in Tallahassee. He qualified, earning the first leg of the Companion Dog title, and my first after a 25 year layoff. Best of all, Pico did it with a score of 196 and first place in his class!

It was a good day....

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