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  What's Happening
at Sylvan Borzoi?

We're celebrating again!

Virago is top producing sire of Borzoi Champions
for 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011
now with 40 American Champions.

Congratulations to his latest:
Ch. Fantasia Seabury Maswik
Ch. Fantasia Seabury Arnica
bred and owned by Judy Dennis and Jim Sillers,
and our youngest
Ch. Sylvan Tigrato,

and latest new Grand Champions,

Randi Boysen-Carl's
GCh. Sylvan Autumn Rain SC
Judy Dennis and Jim Sillers's
GCh. Fantasia Seabury Hakatai

Carbon finishes with 5 point majors !!!
Tatiana finishes with three majors !!!
Nutmeg and Hue are parents !!!
Hue a new Champiom and sire !!!
Levi a new Champion and sire !!!
Diva finishes with six Bests of Breed !!!
Spring wins BOBs to finish !!!
Gazelle a new Champiom !!!
Tigger a new Champion !!!
Topanga a new Grand Champion !!!
JoJo a new Grand Champion !!!
Minka new Champion !!!
Fiona is Select at National Specialty !!!!
Marisol a Specialty winner !!!

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