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 Ch. Sylvan Midas Touch

(Ch. Majenkir Tobiano x Ch. Sylvan Chelsea of Astafiev CD, ROMX)

Midas was the last to be shown from his litter and placed in the Hound Group from the classes.

One of 5 Champions in his own litter, he was bred only once and produced 5 Champion offspring out of 8 surviving puppies.

sire of:
out of Ch. Astafiev Winter Sonata ROM-C - born September 5, 1990

Ch. Sylvan Astafiev Persia SC, F.Ch.
Ch. Sylvan Astafiev Porcelain JC
Ch. Sylvan Astafiev Pied Piper JC
Ch. Sylvan Astafiev Pierrot
Ch. Sylvan Astafiev Paloma

Littermate to:
Ch. Sylvan Michelangelo
Ch. Sylvan Medea CD, F.Ch
Am/Can Ch. Sylvan Marigold CD
Ch. Sylvan Marlborough CD, TT

Born April 5, 1985


Ch. Astafiev Majenkir Mikiev Ch. Greyhaven the Pendragon Ch. Oaklara Shadow of the Moon
Ch. Majenkir Tobiano Ch. Sky Run Along for the Ride Ch. Sky Run Hit the Road
Ch. Kallista Allegro Con Brio Ch. Sylvan Shining Hour Ch. Seabury's Celtic Warrior
Am/Can Ch. Zcerlov Jantar Touch the Wind Am/Can Ch. Tamarzi Lord Oliver Grfalcon Ch. Sylvan Sky Run Saratoga
Ch. Astafiev Windwalker Ch. Justyl's Shine On Brightly  Ch. Monarch Sylvan Zorro 
Ch. Sylvan Triton CD, F.Ch. Ch. Sky Run Winter Nova Ch. Sylvan Philosopher's Stone
Ch. Sylvan Midas Touch Ch. Monarch Golden Boy DC Sylvan Seabury Virago SC, FCh
Ch. Sky Run Tellstar Ch. Cordova Mishkova Tundra