Sylvan Borzoi have been lure coursing since 1975 in ASFA competiton
and since 1990 in AKC coursing events.

Dual Champions Virago and Saracen

Many coursing photos of Sylvan Borzoi can be found at our photo site. Click on camera above to go there, and use your browser's Back button to return.

Links to Sylvan performance dogs below.

Ch. Sylvan Vitrina Finian's Rainbow JC, F.Ch.
Ch. Vitrina Sylvan One From The Heart JC

Sylvan Pantera JC
Sylvan Coaltown Redux JC

Ch. Sylvan Scotch and Soda JC, SGRC2 - #1 LGRA Borzoi 2006

BIF Ch. Seabury Sylvan Zaraleika JC, F.Ch. - Winner of the 2005 Fullerton Cup.
BIS AKC Dual Ch. Sylvan Seabury Virago SC, F.Ch.

Sylvan Amunet SC, F.Ch. - Open stake winner at BCOA National amd ASFA II

BIF AKC Dual Ch. Monarch Sylvan Saracen MC, LCX, LCM, GRC, JOR

Sylvan Donatella JC

BIF AKC Dual Ch. Sylvan Monarch Caldonia SC, F.Ch.

Ch. Sylvan Coloratura SC, F.Ch.

Wayfarer Sylvan Odyssey JC, F.Ch.

Sylvan Dangerous Curves F.Ch.

Ch. Qamyo Sylvan Scarlettan SC

Ch. Sylvan Gemini SC
Ch. Sylvan Gardenia JC

Sylvan Rockefeller JC

Ch. Sylvan Nascent Moon JC

Ch. Sylvan Zibeline JC
Ch. Sylvan Evangeline SC

BIF Ch. Sylvan Astafiev Persia SC, F.Ch.
Ch. Sylvan Astafiev Porcelain JC
Ch. Astafiev Pied Piper JC

Ch. Sylvan Flying Colors F.Ch.

Ch. Sylvan Kilauea F.Ch.

Ch. Sylvan Triton CD, F.Ch.
BIF Ch. Sylvan Thistledown F.Ch.
Ch. Sylvan Tungsten Steel F.Ch.
Sylvan Tiger Lily F.Ch.
Sylvan Tegan F.Ch

Ch. Sylvan Medea CD, F.Ch.

Ch. Sylvan Chana of Astafiev CD, F.Ch.

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